Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day Hunt

The grand tradition of the King's Hunt continued this boxing day with the King's hunting party comprising HRH and a further nine mounted men, a pack of 27 boar hounds, only two of this year's litter included, the other 15 all seasoned hunting dogs and a dozen men on foot.

A further 40 hunts were carried out across the Isles today in honour of the Kings Boxing Day Hunt.


The King's party were out for four and a half hours, chased a total of three boar, killing two and losing the third. Additionally, six braces of rabbit and a half dozen Gramlings were collected. For those unfamiliar with this regional species, the Gramling is a largish game bird that makes an excellent casserole.

The palace will feast well on that lot. Of course, as traditional, the first boar of the kill will be roasted in town tonight and Royal City's poor will dine on 'boar in a bap' and enjoy the warmth of the open fire. I believe three of the braces of rabbit are to be provided for stewing at the festivities as well.


Boxing Day night is a night for generosity and full bellies in the Royal City. I hope the other forty hunts are similarly generous with their take. I'm pleased to be able to add that the Herald has sent a couple of barrels of cider down for tonight to help along the party atmosphere.

See you at the feast folks.

By Rush Grathrock

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