Monday, 4 March 2013

Opinion: Not a Natural Winter

It would seem that various enterprising young mages in the University have set their brilliant minds to the problem of the snow. Now, this needs to be said, and I cannot possibly impress upon you enough the importance of this statement...this is no ordinary snow! No, there is something distinctly magical behind our winter, and it is imperative that we find out what.

And why.


Analysis of the snow has revealed magical motes within the ice crystals. This does not mean that the snow has somehow been ‘faked’, but that its presence is far from natural. In other words, it has been summoned.

I think we all know that this has been an unnatural winter, a bitterness and ferocity to the wind and the storms like the very weather is formed of a raging malevolence. And now, we are beginning to understand why. Who has called this winter down upon us and what could their reason be?


The hard work of the mages is to be lauded, and we must all now put our trust in them as we battle the elements and look to the skies in trepidation. Yet again the Royal City, nay, the entire land, must be thankful for the dedication and ingenuity of its mages, without whom this worrying occurrence would have gone undetected.

Hieronymous Finnigan

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