Sunday, 3 March 2013

Monthly News From Caewal

Greetings lovely readers in the Royal City; I hope you’re keeping warm in this bitter winter. I must tell you dears, the most unexpected thing has happened – it has snowed in Cae-on-Wal! The locals assure me this is quite unprecedented. It may be normal for a little light powdery snow on the hills to the north, not to mention enough rain to depress even the storm gods, but for the capital city itself to be buried under a thick layer of snow... well, you would think the end of the world was nigh.


The high walls and flood defences that have protected the towns in the fens from the rising waters for centuries, are now suddenly useless against the onslaught of the weather. Snow covers the fields, melting and flooding into the houses. Snow ruins the fine reeds all over Caewal, threatening the livelihood of the whole region. The boatmen of the Riverlands have to crack the ice over their waterways and eel farms each morning, and many are venturing into more populated towns for the first time in hundreds of years. Fair readers, I’m sure you can only imagine how the townsfolk are reacting to the sudden influx of waterlogged peasants, dragging the river mud in with them!


It would appear that the days inside spent weathering the snow have sent people a little stir crazy here in Caewal. You have to understand, dear readers, that these are not the sophisticated people of the Royal City; they see unusual weather and immediately start making up bedtime stories. It’s actually rather endearing in a way. First, it would seem the bog monsters are making their return to the area around Kirkgate. Oooh spooky! The latest fears are the ‘Winter Demons’, who the people of the Riverlands are saying have been blown down from the north as part of a new invasion plan from none other than the Dark Lord himself! Entertaining, no? If this snow has anything magical behind it I’ll eat my very fine hat.


At least one thing has come out of this dismal winter. The notables of Cae-on-Wal, enchanted by the beauty and novelty of the crisp snow in their city, threw a Snowflake Ball two nights ago. And oh my, were the fashions delightful! Winter-themed doublets and snowflake gowns, and miles of the finest pale blue silk. And amongst the pirouetting guests, this reporter caught a glimpse of none other than Louisa Harcourt, daughter of Cae-on-Wal’s own Lady Protector, in a passionate embrace with Lord Boswell. If that isn’t news hot enough to melt your snow, then I don’t know what is!

Until next time loyal and beloved readers!

Master Karlton Atherton

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