Dragon burns town

It's a little known secret kept by a cabal of writers, filmmakers and artists that the stories and images commonly thought of as 'fantasy' are all inspired by a real place. That real place is not medieval Europe and nor is it Eastbourne promenade late on Friday night. No, Fantasyland exists in a dimension one step away from our own and readily accessible to anyone with the right sort of wardrobe, a sufficient amount of fairy dust or illicit access to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

At the end of 2011, a happy accident involving all of the above led to us making contact with Edmund Stroff. Edmund Stroff is the editor of the Royal Herald, a weekly pamphlet reporting on notable events in the Isles of Aebron - a land of castles and dungeons, orcs and elves, magic and monsters. Over several pints of mead in the illustrious Nun and Dragon Inn, we came up with the idea of bringing the Herald's news out of Fantasyland and into the hands of readers in our world.

And so the Fantasyland Herald was born.
Vincent Holland-Keen
Real World Editor-in-Chief

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