Monday, 14 January 2013


Lord-Councillor Hawkcroft on the steps of The Broken Arch

Lord Edward Hawkcroft made a sensational speech on the steps of The Broken Arch today after Queen Janna's body was borne out through the Dockmaster's Gate en route to its final resting place in her family's mausoleum in Suward Gardens' Moirai Arboretum.

The citizens of the Royal City gathered for the funeral procession were starting to flow away when the Lord-Councillor for Khaevorn ascended the steps and hailed the crowd.

'Do you know why our Queen died?' he asked, stopping many in their tracks. 'She died because she loved our King. More than that, she loved our Kingdom. She loved both so much that she willingly sacrificed her life to protect them. Look around now. Look at your friends and neighbours. Find a mirror and look yourself in the eye. Ask if you could live up to the example of our beloved Queen.'


'I know there are plenty out there who would tell you no,' continued Lord Hawkcroft, 'many who would claim that Queen Janna was a rare shining beacon of bravery and selflessness in a city where sin has become the foremost of virtues. But you won't hear me say such words. I am a simple man and know my place is to leave judgement to the gods. So after this tragedy I looked to my own heart - the only heart whose truth I can bear witness to - and I searched deep within and do you know what I found? I found a belief - a burning, fervent belief that all those naysayers are wrong.

'I believe you - you gathered before me - you can follow our great Queen's example, because this great Kingdom belongs to all of us. It only exists because of us and our friends and our families and we have made it our home, so when it is threatened, we will do whatever is necessary to protect it from harm... just like Queen Janna.'

Hawkcroft took this moment to pause. The crowd remained silent, every man and woman with their eyes fixed upon the Lord-Councillor. Witnesses reported that they had never heard the Royal City so quiet. When Hawkcroft finally spoke again, his voice was soft.


'For there can be no doubting there are those who mean us harm. Maybe they plot from beyond our borders, maybe they walk among us. It doesn't matter.' His voice now rose with both passion and volume. 'From within or without, let them send their worst, because their worst won't be good enough. Not by half. Nothing they can do will bring them anything but misery and defeat when we stand together against them!'

These last words were a rousing shout that brought wild cheering from the tens of thousands gathered before The Broken Arch.

'In the days ahead, look for the six-stroke cross. The sign of our Kingdom shall become a sign of the resolve within our hearts, this I swear upon the grave of the noblest Queen of our age!'

By Casewick Essendine

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