Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Amarisa Innskeld, discovering her fallen comrades at Craven Abbey
Amarisa Innskeld, believed to have been killed last week at the hands of Darach Muerdelain along with the other four members of The Fellowship of the Heart, is alive.

Details remain sketchy at this stage, but early reports suggest that on arriving at Craven Abbey, The Fellowship did not immediately go to face the Prince of Profane. Instead, while the others marshalled their supplies and set about preparing potions, spells and strategy, Amarisa Innskeld was despatched to enlist the help of the Craven Abbot.


Unfortunately, it is not without reason that the monks of Craven Abbey are called the unholiest of holy men. They pride themselves on listening to all the Gods, but such a divine clamour can drown out the sound of simple goodness and reason. So, instead of granting Amarisa an audience, the Craven Abbot had a novice lead her into a chamber, which was then locked from the outside.

It did not hold her long, but it held her long enough.


By the time she reached the Cloister of the Doves, the battle was over. Muerdelain was gone. Her companions in the fellowship were slain.

No doubt the monks' part in this tragedy explains why it has taken so long for the truth to come out, but questions remain unanswered. It has been confirmed that Amarisa lingered in Craven Abbey only long enough to bury her friends, before riding forth toward unknown pastures. Maybe she now continues the hunt for Darach Muerdelain or she is fleeing as far from this tragedy as possible. Only time will tell.

Casewick Essendine

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