Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Prince Mikael, pictured while sitting for a portrait

Prince Mikael has gone missing on an expedition to the Southern Ranges. He was expected to return immediately after an assassin killed his mother and injured his father, but the Royal Castle has been unable to locate the Prince.

The expedition was organised after the Prince, an artist of some note, expressed a wish to paint the famous Red River. Some have questioned this official explanation as it meant the Prince was out travelling during the dangerous winter months and ended up missing the Midwinter Festival.


He set out from the Royal City two months ago for New Mayberry. On reaching the city, he stayed with his Uncle, Lord Magnus, at Red River Folly for three weeks. Shortly before midwinter itself, the Prince and his retinue departed west, intending to follow the Red River upstream to its source in the Daggerspine Mountains.

After the tragic death of Queen Janna, the Royal Wizard Orhl attempted to teleport the Prince home. However, his formidable magicks were unable to locate the Prince. Keeper Votus immediately ordered the release of messenger snipes and lodged a special request with the Magisterium to allow a search team to pass through Lord Magnus's portal to Red River Folly.


Sources close to the Royal Castle have already expressed their fears for the Prince. While the banks of the Red River are considered relatively safe, each year sees the Spited Wastes claim more of the Southern Ranges and it's possible the Prince's party fell foul of cataclysm-spawn. A scenario even more dire is that the Prince lives, but in the hands of the corrupted Elves of Vulminen.

With the Prince missing and the grieving King unable to perform his official duties, the King's Council will be expected to handle pressing matters of state. With the kingdom in such a weakened position, all eyes will be upon them.

By Casewick Essendine

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