Saturday, 19 January 2013

Basebrawl: Off Season News

A quick update on some of your favourite stars of Basebrawl while we are in the off season.

Basebrawl is a summer sport and our top athletes have to do something to remain busy during the winter. The latest updates have the Adeley Farmboys training hard in the fields while they are fallow between harvest and growing seasons. Their coach Bors Hardmud told me: 'we give the boys a two week break after the final game of the season, but then we have them back twice a week for outdoor training to stop them getting soft over the winter. It's not as tough as our in season regime, but the cold weather keeps them sharp and focussed.' Well done Bors, it also keeps them out of trouble.

Of course, trouble is where Royal City Elite star player Jed Jonas VonCaw inevitably ends up, keeping up his streak of spending a night or two in the company of the Royal Guard every off season for picking fights in the capital city. Good old 'Thuggsy' never lets down us sports fans.

There were rumours that the Elite might be on the hunt for a new coach after this year's poor performance and I have heard from an inside source that the current coach Ronald 'Rage' Du Hend has indeed agreed to resign and the search is quietly on for a replacement. Belgren native Jeb 'Fast' Farrow is tipped to be top of the list. It'll be the first time they've brought in someone from outside Abevorn if it goes ahead.

More updates as I get 'em folks and remember: it's speed, power and boom!

Rush Grathrock

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