Thursday, 10 January 2013


Candles lining the road to the Dockmaster's Gate

The Royal City has been swamped by thousands of Abevorn citizens wanting to pay their last respects to Queen.

No queue is too long for those wanting a final glimpse of Queen Janna. The Keeper of the Gates has ordered the City Gates closed to stem the tide of those trying to get in. Both the King's Highway and the Gold Road are lined with people from all over the country with more arriving all the time.


The impromptu camps make an incredible sight, with fires blazing during the night to provide warmth and cook food, while many citizens have been lighting commemorative candles along the edges of the roads.

The crowd is awaiting the passing of the Royal Carriage bearing the Queen to Suward Gardens after which we expect they will gradually disperse.


I went out under special escort to speak to some of the crowd in and outside the City and ask them why they made the pilgrimage.
'Queen Jenna was like, the most stylish ever, I loved her. Of course I want to see her final outfit' - Kydis (13)
'She was wonderful Queen who tried to understand the problems we face every day. I have come to pay my respects for her wisdom, which I hope the King will honour going forward' - Jocelin (22)
'My friends suggested it and I thought a trip to the City sounded great. Also there's loads more soldiers around than usual - phwoar' - Fietha (15)
'A woman like that deserves our respect. Her death is a real tragedy, I wanted to come and see her off you know' - Bernerte (36)
So whatever the personal reasons for making the trip, it seems the whole nation wants to be part of the Queen's final public appearance.

By Hathesi Getis

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