Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Bishop Theocrace Hobbs outside the High Church of Aurelia, Royal City

Bishop Theocrace Hobbs launched a bitter attack on the King today after being refused an audience.

'It's utterly disgraceful!' said the Bishop (63), a senior figure within the Church of Aurelia. 'The King's duty is to his kingdom and its people. They are in danger and he refuses to listen.'

The King is still in mourning after an assassin killed his wife, Queen Janna. Sources within the Royal Castle have confirmed that he is receiving no visitors at the present time.


The Bishop's attempted visit was spurred by news that the renowned adventurer, Darach Muerdelain, had retrieved the Skull of the Underking from the Dungeons of Ban-Bakkun.

'The Underking consorted with all manner of unholy beings,' explained Bishop Hobbs, 'and legend says his skull will whisper their secrets to those depraved enough to listen. So, I ask you this: what might a man like Muerdelain do with such knowledge?'


Darach Muerdelain was a soldier in the last Belgren war and one of the survivors of the great cataclysm. However, he returned from the Southern Ranges a changed man. He initially worked for hire, but over time has established links with various dark cults. He is known to be responsible for the death of at least sixty-seven people, over three hundred monsters, and has defeated five officially-recognised heroes in one-to-one combat. He has been classified by the Church of Numerion as 'evil'.

'We cannot all afford to be blinded by grief,' continued the Bishop. 'The dead are dead, while the living are at risk. I shall be taking this to the Council and we should all pray they listen and act before it's too late.'

By Casewick Essendine

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