Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Opinion: Lord Taking Liberties

Is it disingenuous to say of a Lord-Councillor, one of the most important and esteemed people in the land: who exactly does he think he is?

Maybe it is, but I'm going to say it anyway, because what Lord Hawkcroft did yesterday is not only an affront to the other members of the Royal Council, but also to you, me and every other citizen of this great kingdom.

Does he think we're all stupid?

The speech on the steps up to the Broken Arch may have sounded to the guileless and naive like a rousing call to arms against the enemies of Abevorn, but to those with a soupcon more savvy, this was nothing more than a blatant power-grab made at a time when Hawkcroft's opponents were not only off-guard, but also, and more importantly, respecting the last rites of our beloved Queen Janna.

The country has been relying on the King's Council for leadership in this time of crisis, and now one of their number, by acting with unilateral selfishness, has stabbed a dagger into the heart of both their unity and their credibility, with long-term consequences no doubt just as grave as the actions of the reviled assassin.

So, when Lord Hawkcroft tells us to look for signs of the six-stroke cross in the days to come, I say, yes, look for his sign. Then, when you see it, turn away, lest you wish to see the crown of Abevorn fall from the grace of royalty and down onto the conniving skull of an up-start Lord of Khaevorn.

Targen DeVyre

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