Tuesday, 8 January 2013


The Belgren Embassy, formerly the residence of the disgraced Lord Shedlor

The Belgren ambassador has issued a statement saying that the attempted assassination of King Horvus, which left Queen Jenna dead, had nothing to do with the state of Belgren.

Ambassador Dugad Sverry (43) said that he wished to quash any suggestion that his country played a part in these tragic events.

'All the people of Belgren send the Royal Family and their loyal subjects our deepest condolences. We condemn both the assassin and whosoever sent him forth to commit this despicable deed. We also wish to express in no uncertain terms that Belgren had no knowledge or involvement in this crime. This tragedy will become more tragic still if lies and malicious speculation lead to innocent parties being blamed.'


The Belgren Embassy was only established in the Royal City four months ago in the mansion of the former Lord Shedlor. This was greeted as a sign of improving relations between our countries after the years of uneasy peace that followed the last war.

However, the Ambassador's words failed to convince the protesters that have massed outside the Embassy.


'Of course they did it,' said peasant John Wegland (33). 'What I don't get is why the Royal Guard haven't bust that door down and arrested the lot of them.'

'I don't care if they did it,' said midwife Lorelei Huggins (26). 'I hate every bastard Belgren and the sooner we drive them out our city, off the land and into the sea... well, still won't be soon enough, I say.'

Ambassador Sverry is reportedly petitioning for the King to make an official declaration that Belgren played no part in the events leading to Queen Jenna's death, but sources say the King is unlikely to make any public announcements while he is still in mourning.

By Casewick Essendine

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