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Artist's impression of the assassin's arrival in the Great Hall

An assassin struck at the heart of the kingdom last night. His attempt to kill King Horvus left his majesty wounded and Queen Janna dead.
The attack came during a banquet thrown in the Royal Castle's Nightfall Hall to celebrating the end of the Midwinter Festival. King Horvus was addressing honoured dignitaries drawn from across the land when the assassin appeared in the middle of the hall.

'He faded into being right before my eyes,' said Lord Hemberley (53). 'He was clad all in black. I shouted out, but it was too late. He had already thrown the knife.'


Eyewitness reports say Queen Janna threw herself in front of her King. The knife lanced her heart. She was dead in an instant. But the knife burned through her body, trying to get to the King.

"I didn't even think," said Earl Charveneau (46). "I pulled the King clear. When I saw the blood seeping through the front of his robes, I feared the worst."


The Royal Guard sprang into action. One unit charged the Assassin, while a second rushed the injured King to the quarters of the Royal Physician.

'I have never seen a man move so fast,' said Lord Hemberley of the Assassin. 'He danced between the Royal Guard's spears and swords as if they were stock still instead of slashing through the air.'

The Assassin made it to the Celestial Window and jumped out in a shattering of stained glass.


'Men combed the river below and surroundings, but as yet, no body has been found,' reported Captain-of-the-Guard Rycke (43). 'Our search will now extend into the Royal City and surrounding area. Dead or alive, the assassin will be found.'

When asked how the killer made it through his magical defences, Royal Wizard Orhl (age indeterminate), offered no comment. He is believed to have cast a binding spell upon the assassin's blade and is now studying the weapon for clues to its origin.

Sources close to the King say he is recovering from his physical wounds, but the emotional damage is likely to take far longer to heal. He is not expected to attend any public engagements for the foreseeable future. His son, Prince Mikael, aged twenty-one, is expected to return immediately from his expedition to the Southern Ranges in order to carry out any urgent duties in his father's place.

By Casewick Essendine

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