Friday, 11 January 2013

Legendary Adventurers League - January Update

No change again at the top, but plenty of jostling for position lower down the league. Click past the break for more analysis.

It probably says a lot about our fair land that its most successful adventurer has a heart of pitch and a moral compass fixed upon malevolence. No one has come close to matching Darach Muerdelain's exploits over the past three years and after single-handedly clearing the Dungeons of Ban-Bakkun while the rest of us enjoyed the Midwinter feasts, the Prince of Profane could put his feet up until sowing season and still enjoy a healthy lead in the league. Not that he's likely to take a break, not now he has his hands on the Skull of the Underking. Let's just hope he uses its power wisely, right kids?

Climbing into second place below our infamous league-leader is the perennially implausible wizard / cleric combo of Anzad and Perrivole. Every serious student of high adventure and derring do assumed the pair would be dead at the hands of the Thieves Guild days after their first heist, but here we are, six months later, and they've just scored the crown jewels of Cae-on-Wal. If they survive until next month, we'll definitely have to start taking them seriously.

The Heroes of the Flag were reported helping out in the Mordant Blight during the holiday season, while The Fellowship of the Heart were visiting Royal City orphanages and handing out presents bought with the reward they received for slaying the catoblepas that recently terrorised Niverash. Which is all very commendable, but this humble sports correspondent says the sooner they get back to killing monsters and looting corpses the better.

The biggest story lower down the top ten is the rise of The Running Blade and the fall of Evicerus Kanen. About the former, we still know little. There are few officially verified feats credited to his name, but the rumours have taken on a life of their own, producing a bardic renown that's through the roof. Through the floor, on the other hand, goes Evicerus Kanen, the black battle-mage whose burgeoning infamy was cut short by an unfortunate encounter at the Nun and Dragon Inn with the loose cannon dwarf, Gruffen Bullhog. Perhaps things would have gone differently if both hadn't been drinking, but mead had indeed been imbibed and magic wavers in the face of alcohol, whereas fists, feet and foreheads do not.

Kanen is expected to recover from most of his injuries, whereas Bullhog was last seen staggering off toward the Harrowing Forest, claiming he was still sober and felt the need to drink a wild boar or two.

This encounter means Bullhog jumps into number eight on our list, while Lord Proudmane and The White Riders both gain one place.

The final spot this month goes to Muerdelain's hapless nemesis, Forsaken Robert. The other famed survivor of the cataclysm in the Southern Ranges completed two quests this month, but failed in a further three. The bards are reporting that songs of his ineptitude are beginning to rival tales of his heroism. While it would be great shame to see such a noble figure drop out of the top ten, adventuring is an unforgiving business. As I always say, better to quit while you're ahead, than quit 'cause you're dead.

By Maxwell Buck

* - Legend points are calculated by a propriety algorithm based on a number of factors, but primarily the following: quests or great feats accomplished, loot liberated and bardic renown. The last value is provided by the Bard's College, who survey their members once a month to determine which songs featuring which adventurers are currently proving the most prevalent and popular with their audiences.

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