Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weekly Threefold Prophecy

Vision of the Left Eye:

As the Seven Wizards move into the sign of the Dragonbat, it is wise to think of the future. Save or spend for days to come.

Augury of the Right Eye:

We are entering the month of the Olive. The person who has been irritating you will soon encounter deep misfortune, but will be too embarrassed to tell you. If pressed, they may confide in you or they may lie. Take satisfaction in either response. Your life is currently better than theirs.

Omen of the Third Eye:
When all seems lost, remember: seeming is not is-ness, and lostness may in fact be mistaken. Though it may not. Honestly, who can tell?

Sibyl Delphinica Starblossom

Editor's Note: The Fantasyland Herald accepts no responsibility for the future or for the actions of any person or persons who choose to act on the basis of prognostications of said future published herein.

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