Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Royal Castle viewed from the Regent's River, into which the assassin plunged.

The assassin responsible for the death of Queen Jenna remains at large today, more than twenty-four hours after his attempt on the life of the King.

The Royal Guard, led by Captain-of-the-Guard Rycke, have been rounding up the usual suspects and conducting enquiries both within the Royal City and in Bridgetown. When asked for a comment, a spokesman for the Royal Guard said, 'shove off, you oily little toerag'.

Independent reports suggest that Rycke is already widening the search. Checkpoints have been established ten and twenty miles out on both the King's Highway and the Gold Road, while senior Guardsmen are riding to neighbouring provinces to enlist local authorities in the investigation.


'To my mind, this smacks of an admission that the horse has already bolted,' said Lord-Councillor Fife (58), speaking from the Sevvenia House of State. 'The assassin is clearly long gone and however feverish our esteemed Guard Captain's efforts are to catch the villain, it's all clearly too little, too late.'

'I'd vouch that the assassin is still here, in the city,' said reformed assassin, Servus Mooncloak (28). 'It's easier to hide in the chaos and stench of a few hundred thousand people than it is out on your own in the wilds.'


Former Lord-Councillor and First Watcher, Rafe Oakwill, provided a more upbeat assessment. 'Every creature leaves tracks. However far the assassin has run, there will be a trail that leads us to him and to the person or persons responsible for hiring him. We will find it, given time. Until then, patience must be our foremost virtue.'

Few share Oakwill's sentiments. Demonstrations have already been held outside the newly established Belgren embassy and last night fires were started in the non-human districts. In addition, the vigil taking place outside the gates of the Royal Castle in memory of Queen Jenna has been marred by an assault on a guardsman. As the perpetrator was dragged away, he was heard screaming that the Royal Guard should have done more to protect the King and Queen. A sentiment no doubt shared by many as our kingdom descends into mourning.

By Casewick Essendine

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