Tuesday, 8 January 2013


The Temple of Damerika

Late last night, Queen Janna's body was brought to the Temple of Damerika, goddess of the earth and motherhood.

The Queen's body was carried in the royal family funeral coach, which was drawn by four black horses and escorted to the front and rear by Captains of the Royal Guard in full ceremonial dress mounted on gryphons.


The body will lie in state, in a glass coffin draped with the Abevorn flag and surrounded by flowers of the kingdom until next Monday, when, in accordance with the Queen's wishes, the coach will bear it back to her original home in Suward Gardens where she will be laid to rest in her family's mausoleum.

The break with traditional interment in the Royal Tomb is a reminder to all that Queen Janna believed in remembering your roots.


A two day holiday has been declared so that citizens from the Royal City and across the kingdom may visit the coffin and pay their respects to our Queen. The King has also decreed that all currency minted in the next year will bear an image of Queen Janna and that the Royal Colosseum will be renamed the Queen's Colosseum in memory of her love of sporting endeavour.

The Queen died in a selfless move to save her husband, King Horvus, from an assassination attempt that shocked the nation.

By Godiva Shrieve

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