Friday, 11 January 2013


By Casewick Essendine

Royal Council Chamber minus the Royal Councillors

Today's meeting of the King's Council ended abruptly today with a conspicuous lack of announcements, a sure sign that without the King's presence, the remaining ten councillors were unable to reach consensus on any of the issues arising from the recent attack on the Royal Family.

The people of Abevorn were hoping the Council would deal with the failures that allowed the attack and act to punish those responsible. With respect to the first point, Lord Fife was known to be keen to make examples of both Captain-of-the-Guard Rycke and the Royal Wizard Orhl, but without a majority backing at the Council, both men were allowed to provide updates on their investigations without subsequent censure or punishment.


Captain-of-the-Guard Rycke reported on the hunt for the assassin, who is now believed to have escaped into the Great Forest. The wardens of the Green Watches are now leading that part of the investigation, while the Royal Guard believe they have found the rooms the assassin was using prior to his attack. These are now being thoroughly investigated for clues.

Royal Wizard Orhl told the Council that the dagger used by the killer was a Kry'ceh Blade, one of the twelve forged by Tyfanu of the Blessed Hammer for the Disciples of Waerness. Six of these daggers were destroyed after fulfilling their original purpose. Of those that remained, four were believed to be in the hands of collectors spread across the Isles, a fifth resides in the Royal Armoury, with the location of the last unknown.


It remains unclear who was responsible for sending the assassin. A decision on the Belgren Ambassador's request for a statement absolving his nation of blame was deferred. None of the petitioners who'd requested an audience with the Council were granted access. The only official comment on the session came from the Royal Scribe, who said that the entirety of the Council had be in agreement that everything possible must be done to find the missing Prince Mikael and all Councillors remained hopeful that the Gods would see him home safe in the near future.

Four of the Councillors have returned to their home provinces for the weekend, while the rest will remain in the Royal City at their respective Houses of State. Officials at the Castle were at pains to point out that the Council will stay in contact with each other, furthering discussions and negotiations prior to their next meeting following the Queen's funeral in order to ensure the land will continue to have firm and resolute leadership while the King is in mourning.

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