Monday, 28 January 2013

Queen's funeral procession - Week 2

Well my darlings, I am sending you news from the dread plains of the Steppes. Dread fully dull that is. Remember the bored to death vole from last week? Well apparently everything on the Steppes plains suffered the same fate. Everything. We have passed little in days other than the odd sad looking tumbleweed and a handful of neglected desert altars. Even the buzzards manage an air of boredom as they hang around, presumably hoping we all die.  I wouldn't be surprised if we did. The heat is intolerable and playing havoc with my skin.

Add to that your faithful reporter's somewhat sore behind. Horses are evil things on the bottom lovelies. There is little to report on the procession, it continues to be large, impressive and well armed. The few people we have passed in the plains have paused to pay respects, largely because of the number of men with swords suggesting the stop to pay their respects.


I cannot wait to get to Sunward and a feather bed.  The last few nights have been spent on blankets on the sand, in a group tent. It is very difficult to maintain one's mystery and appearance as is required of your humble Bristicus when sharing a tent with a large number of sweaty soldiers and their armour.

I wish I had more exciting news for you but this is how it is. Still no sign of the King emerging and the only excitement was a bit of a punch up over a dice game between some of the guards. Just two more days to Sunward and the City, whilst not Royal City, will be a welcome site to my sore, dry eyes. 

Katar Bristicus

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