Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Opinion: Lord Hawkcroft's Benefaction

Today's Guest Opinion is courtesy Duke Kiekegaar Sanval
Lord Hawkcroft is indeed a rare breed of nobleman with wisdom and clarity of wit beyond his years: Our beloved Queen died because she loved our King and our Kingdom. It is our right and our responsibility to do whatever is necessary to protect our families, our land, and our kingdom from harm! The lifeblood of Abevorn runs through our veins. It is self-evident that the sons of this land will defend her! If our blood is shed, what greater gift could we give than return our blood from whence it came?Noble words. However there is, my friends, one stumbling block to protect our Kingdom. One weakness. Magic.

Sharp swords and stout shields cannot these stand against these forces. As we have clearly seen of our Queen, only magic can stand against magic. Do you feel safe with our enemies wielding the power of the daemon dimensions? Can you guarantee your family's safety? Can you guarantee you could guard this land against evil mages without?

The time has come to demand the power to defend yourself in your own home. In your own street. In your own city. In your own Kingdom.

The time has come to demand the elites in the Magisterium and the University to pass the power back to the people!

Mages care not for the lives of the common-folk, but for their own comfort, their own skins, their own treasure, and their own incense-muddled minds!

Magic is a powerful weapon. Should we not have adequate weapons to defend ourselves? Magic is not dangerous in the hands of responsible wielders. Magic alone does not kill. The wielder who directs the magic
determines who it shall kill!

I say to you Lord Hawkcroft: The People are ready to stand by your side. Ready to stand with the Royal Guard - to stand, fight and die for our Kingdom! Just give us the ability to defend ourselves. Give us the scrolls. Give us the potions. Let us learn the knowledge of power.

We await your response...

Finally, think on this: If magic-wielding common folk had been present at the Mid-winter Festival banquet instead of dignitaries and one snoring Royal "Wizard", perhaps Abevorn would still have its Queen.

Duke Kiekegaar Sanval

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