Saturday, 12 January 2013


Prince Mikael, still missing

The latest reports from the south offer no clues as to the whereabouts of the missing Prince Mikael. Meanwhile, two scouts looking for the Prince have been found dead.

Mitink Seafoam and Katili Forgeburn sent word by messenger raven yesterday that they were following up a rumour of the Prince being sighted deep within the Wilder Hills, but overnight a local hunter found their bodies burned and mutilated by their campfire. It is not known if beasts, bandits or something worse was responsible for the murders.


Additional scouts have been despatched from Red River Folly. The Royal Castle's official line is that they remain hopeful the Prince will be found. It is not known if the Prince is aware of his mother's death. With the funeral procession planned for Monday, the search has taken on an additional urgency in the hope that the Prince might be able to bid his mother a final goodbye.

With an assassin on the loose, the looming threat of a diplomatic breakdown between Abevorn and its neighbours, and the Royal house in mourning, the ongoing hunt for the Prince is a worrying burden on the kingdom's resource and of course must be taking its toll on our grieving King.


While things are uneasy I can only recommend that everyone keeps a tool or two well sharpened and inside the house. Just in case. I know I sleep better with my weapons by the bed. And in my bed. And in both hands while in bed. And sometimes I just sleep better not sleeping and keeping a watchful on the door instead.

By Rush Grathrock

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