Sunday, 3 February 2013

Football Report: Arcrigh FC vs Quayside Utd

Hello sports fans. This week I was visiting Arcrigh - a grothole of a village in the Shadow Wastes where no one goes unless they have to. Those that have to will usually be fighting to the death in the notorious Arcrigh Arena, but on this occasion, the unwilling visitors also included Quayside Utd, who had the dubious fortune of avoiding the Arena in favour of the scorched earth of Uerthe's Clearing.

Those boys new to the Quayside team probably found Arcrigh a shock; the whispered tales of men tearing flesh from each other's bones with their teeth doesn't entirely fit with the picture of nondescript log cabins and chubby villagers splashing through dirtwater with pigs under their arms that greeted my arrival in the village. Both underground fighting and animal husbandry are alien concepts to a team who mostly hail from private schools or the fish markets of Regent's Quay. Unsurprisingly, none of the Quayside fans bothered to make the trip to the far side of the Daggerspine Mountains.


Still, I recognised a few of the scarred and battered faces placing quiet bets on the match from my old fighting days. Arcrigh is one of those places where visitors are well advised to stay in groups and not stray off the path. The local Tavern, 'The Shredded Lamb', is not particularly hospitable. All that said, the locals aren't nearly as dangerous as the fighters that pass through and with no events at the Arena the atmosphere was dank and morose rather than hostile and violent.


Arcrigh gave a sporting effort, scoring in the twice thanks to Rogar Dogleech and Darcy Saltgully, but were largely dominated by the well disciplined boys from Regent's Quay. Both Drake Van Den Perydike and Atar Rattlewatch were on the receiving end of heavy Quayside tackles, but both were able to play on.

Quayside levelled the score through Gresforn Lookerick and Bartand Shuster, before Dask Holemaiden put away a third in the 54th and then killed the game off dramatically in the 90th minute with a fine volleyed shot into the top corner.


I hope the season picks up pace, so far its been a little weak on the violent plays that are intrinsic to the competitive nature of the sport.

Till next time, it's not the taking part, it's the taking someone out that counts. 

Rush Grathrock

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